Lee Jang Woo “I Became Friends with Oh Yeon Seo Quickly”

MBC recently revealed an interview clip of Lee Jang Woo on the official online forum of MBC “Oh Ja Ryong Is Coming.” In this interview, he talked about his character, working with colleagues, his reflection on the show, and so on. 

He commented on his character Oh Ja Ryong, “Ja Ryong is just another typical guy in his late 20s, who is very optimistic about things. He faced much opposition in the process of his marriage, but he ended up marrying the girl he wants. I really like the character of Na Gong Joo, how she’s from a really wealthy family and yet, doesn’t show it. She has it all, but never obsess over money or materialistic things. If there’s a woman like that in real life, I think I’m gonna fall for her instantly.”

Moreover, he talked about working with colleague Oh Yeon Seo, whom he had dating rumors with previously. He said, “It’s been six months since working with her. Now we can tell what each other wants just by looking at each other. Since dramas are usually about chemistry and working together, I put much effort in becoming good friends with her. We go to the same school and are around the same age, so we became close quickly.”

Lee Jang Woo also revealed his ambition as an actor, “If I didn’t become an actor, I would have become a small business owner or entrepreneur like Oh Ja Ryong. But I did become an actor and I hope to expand my acting horizons and try new and exciting roles like a psychopath.”