Yoo Seung Ho Receives Excellence Award for High Marks During Training

After completing his five-week training, it has been reported that Yoo Seung Ho won the Battalion Commander’s Excellence Award from the New Soldiers Education Unit.

On the homepage of the 27th New Soldiers Education Unit, in which Yoo Seung Ho trained for five weeks, a list of all the soldiers who scored an excellent score was posted.

Out of the 250 training soldiers in the unit, Yoo Seung Ho was one of the 16 whose names were posted on the Excellence Award list. Yoo Seung Ho received this award for receiving high marks in the discipline training through close-order drills.

On April 11, Yoo Seung Ho will receive a certification of completion as well as an overnight vacation reward.

It seems like Yoo Seung Ho is adjusting well to his military life as he showed that he is working hard and being diligent in training.

Previously, Yoo Seung Ho enlisted in the army on March 8 but only announced this to his fans three days prior.