Singer Jang Ki Ha Dropped 45 Pounds Since College

On April 10, folk band Jang Ki Ha and the Faces’ vocal Jang Ki Ha appeared as a guest on tvN’s “Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside” and told the stories of his college days and about his music.

During the show, MC Baek Ji Yeon asked, “What were you like when you were in university? I think you probably were very famous and poplar in Seoul University.”

To this, Jang Ki Ha replied, “Not at all. I used to weigh 20kg more than now.”

He continued, “I am about 183cm tall. My current weight is within normal range now.” When Baek Ji Yeon guessed that he must weigh about 70kg (154 pounds), Jang Ki Ha confirmed it as he said, “Yes, and I used to weigh 92kg (202 pounds) before I entered the military.”