Jo Kwon Reveals JYP’s Funny Vocal Warm-Up Method

Recently on KBS’s “Happy Together 3,” which was aired on April 11, group 2AM’s Jo Kwon revealed Park Jin Young’s special voice warm-up method.

Jo Kwon stated, “Our CEO made voice warm-up CDs himself and gave them to us so we can practice. When I first got it, I thought it must contain one of those ordinary methods, like a-e-i-o-u warm-up.”

He continued, “But when we turned it on, a strange high pitch sound came up. It was our CEO singing a strange song that sounded a little like traditional Indian song.”

In other news, Jo Kwon is currently appearing on KBS’s drama “God of the Workplace” as a character named Gye Gyung Woo, who is a new employee at Y. Jang Food Company.

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