Secret’s Jeon Hyosung Wants to Get Married at the Age of 32

On April 9, Secret’s Jeon Hyosung appeared as a special guest on KBS’s “Generation Sympathy Saturday.”

During the show, the topic of Wonder Girls’ Sunye’s recent marriage and pregnancy was discussed. To this, Hyosung stated, “I want to get married at the age of 32.”

She continued honestly as she referred to Sunye, “I was surprised to hear the news of her marriage, since this would be the first currently active idol member to get married. I think that thanks to Sunye, other idols will have it easier; we will be able to work in a more relaxed environment. I hope that the fans will see idols’ love life with more open minds.”

Meanwhile, this episode of “Generation Sympathy Saturday” will be aired on April 13 at 9:05am (KST).