PSY’s “Gentleman” Confidently Tops Nine Online Music Charts

Depending on the location, devoted fans and curious music listeners may have, or may have not, listened to PSY’s long-awaited release of the follow-up track “Gentleman.”

Already out in Korea, the song immediately achieved “all-kill” status by topping online music charts like MelOn, Naver Music, Bugs, Monkey3, Olleh Music, Soribada, etc. As it’s not officially out in some parts of the world, some think it’s still too early to tell whether the song will fare on the world market.

As the song is aimed for the global music market, the lyrics includes both Korean and English lyrics. A representative of YG Entertainment previously stated, “PSY created lyrics that have wit and a rhyme, so that you can enjoy the song even if you do not understand the language.”

PSY wrote the lyrics while he teamed up with his “Gangnam Style” hit co-producer, Yoo Gun Hyung, to produce this song.