[Soompi Shop] Announcing Upgraded Shipping Policy!

Soompi Shop is pleased to announce our latest improvement to deliver the highest-quality K-Pop shopping experience ever! Our new shipping policy will definitely make you happy: Soompi Shop now includes tracking on all orders, as well as shorter shipping times. Now when you order from Soompi Shop, not only will your order get to you two to five business days earlier than before, you will be able to track its progress as it makes its way to your destination.

In order to accommodate this upgrade, we were required to increase costs just slightly. However, we are confident that our product prices remain competitive to other leading Korean entertainment online stores. In addition, our shipping fees have not changed, and we still offer free shipping for purchases of $38 or more. We always welcome your input, so please feel free to let us know your thoughts!

With the biggest sales of authorized autographed K-Pop merchandise, an ever-expanding catalog of K-Pop and K-Drama goods, and the most popular Korean beauty products and accessories, Soompi Shop is growing quickly. We thank our loyal customers for their unending support!

We will be offering new limited-edition autographed specials often, as well as all the latest K-Pop releases — like our Facebook page to get the latest updates!

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