Taecyeon Romantically Carries His Wife Gui Gui Home in WGM

The upcoming episode of MBC Every1 “We Got Married International” will reveal the houses of newly wedded international couples.

Prior to revealing their home, Gui Gui asked 2PM‘s Taecyeon to carry her up the stairs as, “It is customary for the newly wedded husband to carry his wife to the master bedroom in Taiwan.”

Upon Gui Gui’s request, Taecyeon lifted her up and carried her to the master bedroom. At first, Gui Gui seemed worried, asking Taecyeon if he is okay or if she’s too heavy for him. However, she could not hide her delighted smile and complimented Taecyeon’s masculinity.

Taecyeon commented, “When I saw the male character carrying the female character in  ‘Stairways to Heaven,’ I thought it was very masculine. And now that I got to do it, it was so romantic.” 

Moreover, Taecyeon installed a floor piano in their marital home for his wife. Gui Gui commented, “As soon as I walked in, I saw the piano on the floor. When I heard that it was my husband’s idea, I thought to myself, ‘he cares about home, too.’ I was touched.”