Wonder Girls’ Hyelim Is the Cover Model for “NAILHOLIC”

Recently, Wonder Girls’ Hyelim graced the cover of the April issue of nail fashion magazine “NAILHOLIC.”

The cover photo shows off Hyelim’s large eyes adorned with adorable eyelashes and pink lips. Her nails look beautiful with sparkly silver nail arts. In the additional photos, Hyelim is looking girly as she holds dessert items to show off unique nail arts. She looks looks gorgeous and glamorous in all the pictures.

A representative from the magazine stated, “The sweet dessert concept was perfect for this pictorial to display Hyelim’s lovely and adorable image. As the ‘happy virus’ of the group Wonder Girls, Hyelim showed off her calm and feminine side during the interview. Her humble and kind nature was obvious. Her genuine and great interest in nail arts and her beautiful hands were impressive.”

Meanwhile, Hyelim is currently working as an English teacher on EBS radio’s “English Go Go.”