Actor Lee Yi Kyung Makes an Official Statement Regarding His Recent DUI

Regarding his recent DUI, which took place on April 1, actor Lee Yi Kyung’s agency HB Entertainment announced on April 11, “It was a big mistake, especially for a rookie actor. He will be taking time to reflect.”

Lee Yi Kyung was caught driving drunk near his apartment complex with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.075%. His driver’s license was suspended, but he was not detained.

The agency continued, “After a night out drinking in Gangnam, he called the escort driver to get home. When they arrived near his apartment, Lee Yi Kyung let the escort driver go and drove the car himself into the parking lot, because this particular parking lot’s design is very confusing. This was when he was stopped by the police.”

Currently Lee Yi Kyung is appearing on drama “Nine: Nine Times Time Travel.” An official from this drama recently stated, “We are currently discussing Lee Yi Kyung’s possible withdrawal from the drama.”

Meanwhile, Lee Yi Kyung had made a name for himself through drama “School 2013.”