Noh Hong Chul Cautions Seo In Guk, “If You’re Fat And Single They’ll Call You Lazy.”

Noh Hong Chul recently drew the attention of viewers when he explained the predicament of living alone as a bachelor.

On April 12, Noh Hong Chul joined his cast mates Kim Tae Won, Lee Sung Jae, Seo In Guk, Kim Kwang Kyu and Defconn on the latest broadcast of MBC‘s entertainment program “I Live Alone,” where each celebrity gives interviews at their homes and opens up about their bachelor lives.

On the show, Seo In Guk was caught stuffing himself with delicious Samgyupsal despite admitting that he had been trying to lose weight. Noh Hong Chul intervened and cautioned him saying, “When a man gains weight after marriage, they’ll say ‘He receives a lot of love’ but when a single man gains weight while living alone, they’ll be quick to misunderstand and say, ‘He is foolish, lazy and probably lies around his house doing nothing all day.'”

However, despite making his point known – Noh Hong Chul gave viewers a good laugh as he helped Seo In Guk polish off the last bit of pork and continue their chat together while sprawled on the floor.