It has been three years and six months since girl group Secret debuted on October 13 2009, and while it may be a random time to celebrate for some people, Secret fans will recognize it from the song title “3 Years and 6 Months.”

“3 Years and 6 Months” was a song in the B-Side from their debut single “I Want You Back.” To celebrate the three years and six months of being together, Secret gave special messages to their fans on a video through the official TS Entertainment YouTube channel.

The video plays “3 Years 6 Months” and has pictures from when the girls were in Singapore. Each member wrote a handwritten message which has been translated below: 

Hyo Sung: It’s been three years and six months since we debuted and although to some other people it may be nothing but to Secret it is a special remembrance. From now on let’s keep going until 30 years and 6 months. The reason I sing.

Zinger: Let’s make it 360 years of Secret Time!

Ji Eun: The 3 years 6 months that seemed so far away is here. I will be the Songji that will love you with the same mind that I had in the beginning. Thank you for always being with us. I love you.

Sun Hwa: It’s been 3 years 6 months already. Although it was a long time, I always thought of it thankfully. I am thankful again today. Thank you for always loving us.