PSY’s “Happening” Concert – First Live Performance of “Gentleman”

PSY‘s comeback concert “Happening” is currently being streamed live on YouTube! Check it out below!

Scheduled for 6:30pm KST, PSY will be performing his new song “Gentleman” live for the first time.

The production cost of “Happening” has been reported to cost nearly 300 million Korean won (about 3 million USD). For the concert, he is working with Possible Productions, the visual contents team that worked with 2NE1 throughout their world tour, for all visual contents and effects. Enormous LED screens and various special effects were also prepared for this large scale show. YG labelmates G-Dragon and Lee Hi will be making guest appearances at this concert.

Earlier today, YG revealed a countdown clock for the music video of “Gentlemen.” It is scheduled to hit zero on Sunday, 1:00pm KST (Saturday, 9PM PST).

Following the success of “Gangnam Style” last year, there have been very high expectations for PSY’s followup song.

Watch the MV here!

“Happening” Concert Set List

PSY – “Right Now”
PSY – “Celebrity”
PSY – “It’s Art”
PSY – “What Would Have Been” Feat. Lee Hi
PSY – “Bird”
PSY – “All Night Long”
PSY – In My Eyes
PSY – I’m A Guy Like This
2NE1 – “I Am The Best”
2NE1 – “Can’t Nobody”
PSY – “Shake Me”
PSY – “Father”
PSY – “Urbanite”
PSY – “Thrilled”
PSY – “Single Ladies” Dance Cover
G-Dragon – “One of a Kind”
G-Dragon – “Crayon”
PSY – “Paradise”
PSY – “Goose’s Dream”
PSY – “Gentleman”
PSY – “We Are The One”
PSY – “Gangnam Style”

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