Busker Busker’s Kim Hyung Tae Shows Off Impressive Drawing and Promotes Super Star K

Busker Busker’s member Kim Hyung Tae is certainly talented. He is the one that plays the bass in the group! Recently he revealed a “Super Star K 5” poster and also a teaser clip. The teaser clip talks about Busker Busker as a group, it also shows Kim Hyung Tae drawing the poster. The clip promotes “Super Star K” stating that you should sign up as a contestant.

Kim Hyung Tae posted the image on April 11 and teaser clip on his twitter. Before that, Kim Hyung tae had shown the incomplete image on twitter with the caption “Before the completion of the poster, I wanted to show it off so here is a spoiler.”

Interestingly enough, nearly one year after their debut album was released, at the end of March, their single “Cherry Blossoms” reached #1 on different music websites. (Probably due to spring) Stay tuned to Soompi.com for more news about Busker Busker and “Super Star K 5.”