IU Helps Promote New Loen Entertainment Boy Group “History”

Loen Entertainment recently released a somewhat mysterious teaser clip for “History.” History is Loen Entertainment’s upcoming boy group. (The address for the group is café.daum.net/HISTORY426) IU helped out with promoting the new group, as they are her juniors. She makes an appearance in the teaser clip!

IU says into the microphone “We know each other, don’t’ we?” Then she is shown talking to somebody else in the studio. Then she points into the camera asking “We know each other, don’t we?” A man is heard replying “Do you know me?” At the end we are treated to a tease with the word “HISTORY begins on 2013. 04. 26 Loen Entertainment.”

So, curious Loen Entertainment fans it looks like April 26 is the date you should mark down on your calendar!