JYJ’s Jaejoong Thanks Fans for Supporting Solo Asia Tour

JYJ member Kim Jaejoong recently thanked fans with a set of four photos displaying his adorable charms. 

On April 13, after wrapping up his solo Asia tour “Your, My, and Mine” – Jaejoong thanked fans by posting the following photos with the caption, “Thank you to all the fans who came and supported my solo Asia tour. I will be gifting everyone with the poses that you wanted most. I will be attempting a set of adorable poses even though I think I look very awkward doing so.”

Fans had been asking Jaejoong to perform this very set of adorable poses for quite some time now, but after declining their requests for so long- it looks like Jaejoong finally caved in for his fans! Fans who saw the photos commented, “You are so adorable!” and “I don’t know what you mean by awkward, you’re simply sexy AND adorable!” In related news, Kim Jaejoong has been promoting his solo activities since January of this year.