Park Ji Min Performs with Akdong Musicians for K-Pop Star Special Stage

“K-Pop Star” season 1 winner Park Ji Min and “K-Pop Star” season 2 winner the Akdong musicians delighted fans by performing each other’s hits that have respectively made them famous. 

On April 14, Park Ji Min and the Akdong musicians held a special stage for “K-Pop Star: Dream Stage” and performed each other’s songs, which included “Rolling in the Deep” and “Don’t Cross Your Legs.”

Representatives from the show released this statement regarding the specially prepared performances, “Contestants from ‘K-Pop Star’ season 1 and season 2 will have the opportunity to share the same stage and talk about their experiences since having participated on the show. There will also be some unexpected and delightful things in store for the viewers who have been following ‘K-Pop Star.'” 

In related news, the Akdong musicians have returned to Mongolia to reunite with their parents who are currently working there as missionaries. According to reports, no decisions have yet been made about which agency the Akdong musicians will be joining.