[SNS PIC] Jay Park Snaps a Friendly Photo with Seo In Guk

On April 14, Jay Park uploaded a photo on his Twitter along with a message, “look ma we ok tv lol.”

Jay Park and singer Seo In Guk are in the picture. Seo In Guk shows off a V-sign pose, while Jay Park is gazing at the camera with a smile. As they stand close together, Jay Park and Seo In Guk look like they are good friends.

Netizens that saw this picture commented, “They probably became friends because they see each other often on TV shows,” “Great friendship,” “Jay Park has such an adorable expression on his face,” “Seo In Guk looks cool,” “Hope this friendship lasts a long time,” “Good looking men.”

Meanwhile, Jay Park is currently promoting his new song “Joah.”