Son Ye Jin, Kim Nam Gil, and Honey Lee Finish First Script Reading of “Shark”

Recently on April 10, Son Ye Jin, Kim Nam Gil, Honey Lee, and the other cast members finished the first script reading of “Shark.” The pictures from the first script reading were released on April 10 by the production company behind “Shark.”

It is being said that during the script reading, Son Ye Jin and Kim Nam Gil showed perfect chemistry. A representative of the production company said that the script reading was full of “passion.” The representative also stated, “Just because of the script reading, I am moved and anticipating the drama. We will try hard in order to make a good drama, please anticipate and continue to have interest in ‘Shark.’”

“Shark” is the story about a man who is willing to point a knife at his lover, in order to avenge his family. Son Ye Jin will be playing the female lead who is in love with Kim Nam Gil’s character, but has a hard time because of this love. “Shark” will have its first broadcast on May 27. It will fill the time-slot for “The Queen of Office.”