T-ara N4 Poster Revealed!

T-ara fans eat your heart out! Today on April 15, Core Contents Media revealed a poster showing the members (Eunjung, Hyomin, Ji Yeon, and Areum) for the upcoming unit group “T-ara N4” together. Also, around 3:30pm (KST) a 47 second teaser will be revealed for their upcoming title track “Countryside Diaries.”

“T-ara N4” means “T-ara Brand New 4” and the name means that T-ara are aiming to restart fresh and new. T-ara N4 is planning on showing off a completely different style. They will use flashy accessories and costumes in order to show a unique style. Their upcoming single “Countryside Diaries” will talk about the suffocating nature of everyday life. The song is aimed to please people of all ages.

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