PSY’s Gentleman MV Reaches 44.5 Million YouTube Views

Many have wondered if PSY would be remembered only as a worldwide “one hit wonder.” Well, looking at the number of views for the follow-up song “Gentleman” music video, it is another internet hit! It has been less than 48 hours since the music video was released and as of 12:20pm (KST) the views on YouTube show up as 44.5 million!

For the “Gentleman” music video, PSY is once again showing satire. “Gangnam Style” was a satire on the luxury lifestyle of Seoul’s rich Gangnam district. This time “Gentleman” is ironic because PSY is anything but a gentleman! He goes around playing pranks. He pulls out chairs underneath girls, presses all the buttons in an elevator (when the other person in it needs to desperately go to the bathroom), and even ruins a soccer game going on between kids!

We still have to wait and see if “Gentleman” will be as successful as “Gangnam Style.” (Gangnam Style is the #1 all-time most viewed video on YouTube with over 1.5 billion views) However, it looks like “Gentleman” will certainly be a hit in its own right!