Why Did PSY Purchase the Rights for the “Abracadabra” Dance?

PSY’s “Gentleman” is notable because it features Brown Eyed GirlsGa In. Also the main dance for the song is the “arrogant dance” from Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra.” The interesting fact is that PSY actually paid copyright fees to the creators of the dance “Yama & the Hot Chicks.” PSY’s interpretation of the dance is a legitimate and official remake!

This is probably part of PSY’s master plan of introducing the world to Korean content (such as music and dances). During his “Happening” concert on April 13, PSY told the audience “I plan on remaking not only the dances in South Korea but also the songs.”

He had also stated, “There aren’t that many music industries that have so many ‘dance points’ like our country. My horse dance was just one dance with a ‘point’ and I will continue to interpret the different ‘dance points’ in K-Pop and introduce them overseas. I wish that the original owners of those dances will get the spotlight overseas. I would also like to interpret our songs and show it to the world.”

Wowza, sounds like PSY is trying to expand K-Pop throughout the world!