Big Bang’s Taeyang Denies Birthday Presents From Fans

Taeyang is drawing a lot of attention for his latest words.

On April 12, he posted a long message on his Twitter. “There’s probably a few places here and there already starting to prepare presents for my upcoming birthday, but I will just receive the love and the heart. �de42 Since I have a lot, I hope you understand my wish that the effort could be used in places that needs it more. Thank you for the love you give and I will return it with good music.”

Netizens who heard the news flocked to cyberspace to leave some comments. “Taeyang is so kind,” “At least he’s accepting the [fans’] hearts,” “It seems like he really means it since he said it a month in advance.”

This can be sad news for Taeyang fans, but he did say “the effort could be used in places that needs it more.” Looks like there are still ways fans can celebrate his birthday and it will be interesting to see the creative ways fans will come up with to enjoy his big day.