JYJ Jaejoong Gives a Stern Message to a Sasaeng Fan!

Oh no! It looks as though JYJ’s Jaejoong gave a stern message to a sasaeng fan! It appears as though a fan was a bit desperate trying to take a picture of Jaejoong.

Jaejoong wrote on his twitter April 14, (@bornfreeonekiss) “I don’t mind taking pictures while acting like a photo journalist. However, if you knocked down the elderly shouldn’t you help them up or apologize?” He continued, “Instead of checking whether the picture came out nicely, shouldn’t you check if that elderly person is your own grandmother?” Looking at the twitter message alone, it appears as though a fan was knocking down the elderly while taking pictures of Jaejoong.

JYJ had their share of ugly run-ins with “sasaeng fans” in the past.

Meanwhile, JYJ had their exclusive concert at the Tokyo Dome in Japan from April 2-4.