G.NA Talks About Her Difficult Childhood on KBS “Mamma Mia”

On the most recent episode of KBS “Happy Sunday – Mamma Mia,” G.NA talked about her family and difficult childhood for the first time in tears. She appeared on the show with her mother, who used to be on Korea’s national swim team.

G.NA’s mother explained, “My husband passed away when G.NA was just six years old. Her grandmother and aunt raised her.” G.NA added that she has a younger sister, whom she was separated from after their father’s unfortunate death.

Her mother continued, “G.NA only got to spend the first six years of her life with me and that’s it.”

Upon revealing her family background, G.NA said, “Whenever people ask me what is my dream, I always tell them that my dream is to get married and have many children. I want to live in a family, with my family.”

Moreover, MC Park Mi Sun read a letter that G.NA wrote to her mom prior to her debut out loud to share their familial love and bond. As she was listening, G.Na could not hold back her tears and ended up sobbing, while holding her mother’s hand.

Netizens commented on G.NA’s family history, “G.NA’s struggles and stories made me cry,” “I never knew she had such unfortunate past,” “Her family raised her well,” “Cheer up, G.NA,” and “Her tears touched me.”