YG Cafeteria Garners Attention Online Once Again

YG Entertainment‘s cafeteria is receiving attention again. Recently on several popular online forums, a post titled “YG Cafeteria, Where Big Bang Frequents” surfaced with several pictures of YG’s cafeteria captured from various TV shows like SBS “K-Pop Star.”

The pictures show “K-Pop Star” contestants serving themselves food buffet-style. YG’s cafeteria is on the first basement floor of YG Entertainment building. YG’s artists like Big Bang and Seven mentioned this cafeteria numerous times on air, praising the quality of service and food provided by their agency. 

In 2010, Yang Hyun Suk explained during an interview, “Since it is hard for celebrities to just walk into any restaurant and eat a meal, it’s always been a problem. I recruited four of the best chefs I could find for this cafeteria and for all members of the YG family.”

Netizens commented, “YG’s cafeteria is the bomb,” “I bet the food there is as amazing as it looks,” “It’s like a hotel buffet,” and “I’m sure all YG artists are getting nutritionally balanced meals.”