“Gag Concert”s Jun Guk Gu Releases “Fashion City” Produced by Shinsadong Tiger

One of “Gag Concert“s hottest sketches at the moment, “Jun Guk Gu,” has proved its popularity by having the comedy team release a new digital single, “Fashion City.”

The “Jun Guk Gu” team consists of  four comedians, Kim Giri, Lee Sang Ho, Lee Sang Min and Lee Jong Hoon, who act as an idol group called Jun Guk Gu that sings about ridiculous male fashion.

The single “Fashion City” is co-produced by K-Pop’s hitmaker Shinsadong Tiger and R.Tee. The song is about a “Fashion City,” which is supposed to be the hottest place in the world. The lyrics invite listeners to dress well and party along with the group in this “Fashion City.”

Meanwhile, Kim Giri made headlines a few weeks ago for confirming his relationship with his co-worker and comedienne, Shin Bora.

Check out the hilarious music video below!