[SNS PIC] Lee Hi Spying on Someone?

Sensational rookie singer Lee Hi recently updated her official Tumblr blog “hiheel” with a photo that not only captured her adorable side but consequently showed off her slim waist line as a result of her dedication to her diet and exercise regimen.

The photo was captioned “HI Story #31” followed by a brief caption that read, “Playing as a spy. In the ‘Inkigayo‘ waiting room. And the reason Lee Hi is hiding in the closet is…?”

In the photo, Lee Hi looks at the camera with a mock expression of surprise on her face as if she’s been found out. Netizens who saw the photo adored her cute antics and were especially full of praise for the young singer’s dieting efforts that paid off and allowed her to even squeeze into such a narrow closet space.

Fans who saw the photos remarked, “Lee Hi makes a cute spy”, “Wow, Lee Hi really shed some pounds while dieting. How does she even fit inside there?”, “Lee Hi, congratulations again on your No.1 win!” and “Aww, with her pale complexion and round eyes she looks like a little bunny.” 

Some other cute photos from “hiheel”: