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Ga In talked a bit about appearing in PSY’s “Gentleman” MV on April 15 with OSEN. (This is the second part of the interview)

Currently at 5:00pm “Gentleman” has over 86 million views. The music video is doing very well in its own right. Unfortunately however, Ga In’s computer was having problems and she was not able to experience the online excitement. She stated, “Everyone around me is excited about the buzz, but I don’t know yet. To think that in only a few days that the music video went over 60 million views, just thinking about it makes a chill run down my back. The ‘PSY Effect’ is the only way to explain it.”

Ga In also talked a bit about being moved by PSY’s work ethic. “PSY wasn’t able to sleep for nearly 48 hours because he had to film the music video. There are times when I get tired and sensitive while filming. I’m pretty sure that PSY was very sensitive and worried about the success of ‘Gentleman.’ Regardless, throughout filming the music video he got on very well with nearly 100 dancers and staff members. I realized, that is something I need to learn.”

She also added, “During the filming of the music video it was PSY’s manager’s birthday. Although he was very busy, he still wished his manager happy birthday on set. Before filming the music video I was very nervous about working with PSY because he is a world star and I felt a lot of distance. However, we got close after meeting in person and talking together.”

Ga In ended the interview by stating, “As a singer of course I would like to go overseas if the opportunity presented itself. But, I am a singer. I think that my skills are very important. Although, I would love to pursue the opportunity, I will take it slow. Not much will change about my direction. I will continue to do what I have been doing.”