Lee Min Jung: “I Do Not Have Drunk Habits”

Lee Min Jung revealed that she really does not have any habits when she is drunk!

On April 16, there was a press conference held for the drama “All About My Romance.” There she talked about her acting drunk in the drama. She stated, “When I am drunk, people cannot tell whether I am drunk or not.”

She added, “There isn’t anything special so whenever I film one of those scenes, I think a lot, and I try to let go. I think that when somebody is really drunk, they stop caring, start talking down to people (in terms of Korean, talking to somebody like they are younger than you), and in general, let go.”

Then she talked about herself, “I don’t really have any particular habits when I am drunk.”

In the drama, Lee Min Jung plays the character Noh Min Young, a new parliament assembly member following the footsteps of her sister who passed away. The drama is a romantic story of two politicians from opposing parties.

On August 19 2012, Lee Min Jung sent shockwaves throughout the Korean entertainment world when she and Lee Byung Hun admitted that they were in a relationship. Before that, rumors had been spreading about the two dating.