Scooter Braun Met G-Dragon and CL!

PSY arranged a meeting between his U.S. Manager Scooter Braun and YG, G-Dragon, and CL. (Just in case you didn’t know: Scooter Braun is a famous talent manager who represents Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen)

On April 15, a representative of YG Entertainment stated, that Scooter Braun had come to Korea in order to attend PSY’s “Happening Concert.” He met up with G-Dragon and CL after the concert.

The representative continued, “Scooter Braun got to see G-Dragon and CL perform for the first time through the concert. PSY introduced the two to Scooter Braun, and they met together after their the concert. Scooter Braun put up a picture with the two on his instagram.”

The representative added, “Scooter Braun also met YG for a few days. This was also made possible with PSY’s help.”