Im Si Wan Personally Invites Kim Hee Sun to His Musical

Budding actor and idol group ZE:A member Im Si Wan lays on his charm for senior actress Kim Hee Sun.

According to reports in local news agencies, the two had an encounter when Im Si Wan participated in a recording for “Hwashin,” the SBS Tuesday evening talk show that Kim Hee Sun hosts.

Previously, the two have already met when Kim Hee Sun was a guest host of SBS “Midnight Entertainment TV.” Im Si Wan had already expressed his admiration of the actress, and has now won her heart as one of her favorite idols. He impressed her enough for her to request that the singer appear on “Hwashin,” which has finally come to fruition.

“I invited my senior Kim Hee Sun personally to come see me at my musical,” he said. Im Si Wan debuted on stage through “Joseph’s Amazing Technicolor Coat” in February. He is set to grow his acting resume with his first film role, co-starring with Song Kang Ho. 

Im Si Wan’s appearance on “Hwashin” was aired on April 16.