Man Attempts to Copy Everything About Jo In Sung

On the upcoming episode of tvN’s “Martian Virus,” a man who looks just like actor Jo In Sung, nicknamed the “Jo In Sung Scanner,” made a guest appearance. The “Jo In Sung Scanner,” whose real name is Byun Mir, argues that everything about himself, including height, weight, smooth skin, dark eyebrows, and even the thickness of his legs, resembles Jo In Sung. 

He explained, “I think I have Jo In Sung’s mannerisms, gait, the way he sits, and even his facial expressions down.” Although he wasn’t born looking like Jo In Sung, he has been trying very hard to learn the way Jo In Sung walks, talks, and carries himself to become more like him. He confessed that he even had double eyelid surgery and orthodontics done in middle school to be more like Jo In Sung.

He even revealed step-by-step photos of himself transforming into a Jo In Sung look-alike to prove that he acquired his looks, which surprised the MCs of the show. 

You can click on the little blue “play” button on top of the image below to see a short-clip of the show.

What do you think, Soompiers? Does the “Jo In Sung Scanner” actually look like the actor?