Eru to Host Independent Concert in Indonesia

On April 20, Eru will hosting an independent concert titled “Eru Concert in Jakarta 2013 with K-Pop” in Indonesia.

Eru will perform his own hit singles like “Black Glasses,” “White Snow,” and “I Hate You” as well as special dance performance stages accompanied with other popular K-pop songs. This concert will also feature songwriter Ha Kwang Hoon as music director with live music by Ha Kwang Hoon Band and chorus for two hours. Special performing guests include Ailee, Baechigi, Shorry J of Mighty Mouth, Indonesian singer Sule, and Indonesian film star Atiqah Hasiholan.

Eru has become extremely popular in Indonesia in recent years. So far, he has sold out the entire inventory of “Black Glasses” album in Indonesia, tickets to film “Hello, Goodbye,” attracted 20,000 people in his guerilla concert, and was the first Korean singer to appear on a major TV network. He is proving himself to be at the center of the new-Hallyu. Furthermore, Eru was ranked at the 9th place of the most popular keyword on twitter on March 12. On March 16, he was appointed as the honorary ambassador for Korean cosmetic goods, bringing all dimensions of Hallyu not only to Indonesia, but to the world.