Girl’s Day’s Agency Speaks Up on Hyeri’s Behalf: “She’s Shocked and Suffering”

After news of Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri and Tony An dating have surfaced, Hyeri’s reps have delivered their official stance on the matter.

On April 16, Girl’s Day’s agency updated Girl’s Day’s official twitter account with a post titled, “The Agency’s Stance.” The post read, “We bow our heads in apology for causing any kind of worry for the fans because of Hyeri. We apologize for not being able to realize Hyeri and Tony’s relationship beforehand.”

They continued, “After confirming with Hyeri, the two have been meeting as a senior/junior relationship. But around March, when Girl’s Day just had their come back with their official album, Tony asked Hyeri to meet up first. Hyeri was attracted to Tony’s gentle manners and care so they met up a couple of times and exchanged many conversations together.”

They went on, “They are still at the stage where they are exchanging words of comfort and advice about going back and forth between the celebrity and non-celebrity life. Hyeri is currently very shocked and is suffering mentally due to the media and the excessive interest in their relationship.”

They added, “We sincerely ask that the media and everyone else will not make assumptions or exaggerations on this matter. We send out our sorry hearts for causing worry for the fans once again.”

Meanwhile, reported that Hyeri and Tony An have been captured on a date on April 16. Upon this news, netizens have been trying to spot past encounters between the two.