PSY’s “Gentleman” Is Most Viewed in the US and Ranks #1 on iTunes Worldwide

It has been reported that the US is the country that viewed PSY‘s “Gentleman” video the most.

According to YouTube, “Gentleman” recorded a total of 24,186,249 views in just one day after its release on April 13.

Out of that total, 3,798,871 views came from the US, making it the #1 country to view “Gentleman” the most. Korea came in second place with 3,575,667 views.

Brazil came in third with 1,411,208 views while Mexico came in fourth with 1,004,485 views. Fifth place was Canada with 969,601 views. France, England, Taiwan, Vietnam and Malaysia took the other top 10 spots.

The video is currently (April 16 3:10 PM EST) at over 98 million views and is expected to reach 100 million views by the end of the day, which sets another record in YouTube history.

PSY’s “Gentleman” also took on the iTunes worldwide chart by a storm by placing itself on the #1 spot.

“Gentleman” rose to the charts, beating Pink‘s “Just Give Me A Reason” and Rihanna‘s “Stay.”

“Gentleman” is also currently #1 in Czech Republic, Finland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sweden, Swiss, Vietnam and 27 other countries. It ranks 6th in England, 7th in France, 12th in Germany and 18th in the US.