[SNS PIC] After School’s Jungah Updates Fans for the First Time Since Scandal with Onew

After School‘s Jungah recently uploaded a selca up on Twitter, updating fans for the first time since the dating scandal with SHINee‘s Onew.

On April 16, Jungah posted on her Twitter, “Let’s laugh a lot today and spend a day filled with dreams~^^” along with a couple of photos.

In the photos, Jungah sports long, brown hair with cute black-rimmed glasses. She looks natural and effortlessly beautiful. She also throws up the peace sign and puckers up for a cute and mischievous look.

It was recently reported that Jungah was involved in a dating scandal with SHINee’s Onew on March 25. However, both parties stated that they are just close friends and nothing more.