SHINee’s Minho Gets Upset Over Defeat in “Our Neighborhood”

On the recent episode of KBS’s “Our Neighborhood’s Fine Arts and Physical Education,” which was aired on April 16, SHINee’s Minho competed against a player from Sangdo-dong’s table tennis team.

Both players took the game very seriously and played their hardest. When Minho unfortunately lost and showed his disappointment, MC Kang Ho Dong consoled him as he said, “Minho is tearful because he must be frustrated with himself.”

Afterward, Minho explained, “I was very nervous. When the score reached 10 to 10, I could almost see the light shining down on my opponent just like in cartoons.”

Meanwhile, other celebrity players also competed during this episode including Kang Ho Dong, DBSK’s Changmin, Lee Soo Geun, Kim Byung Man, Jo Dal Hwan, and Park Sung Ho.