Akdong Musician Describes the Difference Between JYP, SME, and YGE

The brother and sister duo Akdong Musician appeared at an SBSK-Pop Star 2” press conference that was held on April 17. (Currently Akdong Musician is still deciding which agency they will join) They were asked to name the different strengths of the big three entertainment agencies. (JYP, SME, YGE)

Lee Soo Hyun stated, “During ‘K-Pop Star 2’ we trained with each agency for about one week. SM is very neat and sophisticated. YG is very cool. The artists, and building are all so cool.” Then she stated, “JYP has a family atmosphere. JYP met us, mentored us, and greeted us in person. The three entertainment agencies have their own unique colors, that is why we are carefully weighing our options.”

Then, Akdong Musician was asked what they are considering when deliberating which agency to join. They stated, “We want an agency that will love our music and knock heads together with us. We would also hope that the agency would teach us many things and help fill up the places we need to improve. We plan on thinking very carefully and getting lots of advice.”

In case you didn’t know, Akdong Musician won SBS “K-Pop Star 2.”