Tony Ahn Denies Rumors of Two-Timing Girl’s Day Hyeri

April 16 was an interesting day because Tony Ahn and Girl’s Day Hyeri confirmed that they were dating. (The news caught the attention of South Koreans because they have a big age gap: 16 year difference) The two had actually been romantically involved since March! However, when it looked like everyone would be happy for the two, weird rumors started to go around!

It looks as though one Korean new source wrote that Tony Ahn was still communicating with the actress “Choi Ji Yeon.” The two had appeared on SBS “Jjak,” and had become a couple on the show. Rumors started to spread that Tony Ahn was cheating on Girl’s Day Hyeri.

A representative of Tony Ahn stated on April 16, “Tony Ahn has not met Cho Ji Yeon the person who he became a couple with on the show of an October broadcast of SBS ‘Jjak.’ He has not even contacted her. We hope that there are no misunderstandings about this.”

Choi Ji Yeon also spoke about the matter through SNS, she wrote on her “mini homepage” on April 17, “Wow, I am a real celebrity. I have been out of it because of all the homework at college… After the broadcast of ‘Jjak’ there was nothing going on, this is awkward.”

Back in November 2011, Choi Ji Yeon had appeared on a TV show and denied that she was dating Tony Ahn.