[SNS PIC] Song Hye Gyo Looks Gorgeous in Recent Selca

Recently on April 16 on Twitter, a representative of actress Song Hye Gyo uploaded her selca with a comment, “Like a puppy. So adorable. Your makeup must have been wiped off since you were out in the wind this morning.”

In the photo is Song Hye Gyo, who is showing off her beautiful face as she gazes at the camera. Despite the fact that she only has a minimum amount of makeup, she still looks stunning with her flawless skin.

Netizens that saw this picture admired, “This is what Song Hye Gyo looks like without makeup?” “This is what people would call ‘porcelain skin,’” “I like this natural look on her, rather than a sexy look.”

Song Hye Gyo was praised for her acting skills on the recently completed drama “That Winter, the Wind Blows,” where she played the role of a blind heiress.