Presence of High Heels in “Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love” Is Explained

Recently, SBS’s drama “Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love” became the center of controversy.

On the third episode, which was aired on April 16, actress Kim Tae Hee was spotted with a pair of high heels. In addition, the presence of a mannequin in the drama was also noted with confusion. Many criticisms were made since neither heels nor mannequins existed in the Joseon era.

To this controversy, a representative from the drama stated, “Please remember that this is a fusion sageuk. In the storyline, Jang Ok Jung appears as a designer, and therefore we had to add certain modern items that are fashion-related. As for the mannequin, we made it using wooden furniture. We needed a structure for Jang Ok Jung to hang her Hanbok.”

Fans that heard this explanation commented, “I guess it is possible that high heels were introduced to Korea early,” “This was not the correct time period. The writers should have been more careful.”