[SNS PIC] Ga In Looks Very Different From Her Employee ID Card

On April 15, an official from Brown Eyed Girls‘ Ga In’s agency uploaded a photo on Twitter along with the message, “Nowadays it seems to be the trend to release celebrities’ ID photos. Therefore I have prepared an employee ID photo of Ga In for you.”

In the picture is a close-up of Ga In’s “Loen Entertainment” employee ID card. Ga In looks shockingly different in the photo with a metallic makeup.

When fans showed skepticism over the employee card’s legitimacy, another photo was uploaded with a message, “There are people who don’t believe this is really Ga In’s ID.” In the picture is Ga In holding the ID card.

Netizens that saw these pictures commented, “This cyber-makeup does not suit our gentle girl… Is she pretending to be Iron Man’s little sister?”