SHINee Reveals Dance Practice for “Dream Girl”

SHINee‘s full dance practice for “Dream Girl” was recently posted online. While it has been about two months since the group made their comeback, only a short clip was released.

Recorded in the popular “cloud dance practice room,” the choreography takes a lot of room to do with their microphone stands.

 Previously, SM Entertainment’s managers released a very humorous dance cover of the song.

In other news, SHINee will be making a comeback as a four-member group for “Chapter 2″ of their third full album titled, “Why So Serious? – Misconceptions of Me.” Jonghyun, who was recently in a car accident and had to receive nose surgery, will not be joining the group in their promotions.

Taemin will also be joining the program “We Got Married” and is paired up with A Pink‘s Son Na Eun.