Hello Venus Introduces “Twin Performances” With Comeback Announcement

Great news for Hello Venus fans! The girls have announced their comeback, which will be on May 2. Don’t forget to mark your calendars!

On April 18, the girl group’s official website was updated with new pictures and it immediately attracted the attention of fans and critics. The six girls are paired off with similar patterned outfits and poses. The group manages continuity by sporting black ribbon hairbands and mini dresses.

The agency hints at the album’s direction with the statement, “Hello Venus will shed off their young girl image and be reborn as women. Viewers will be able to see their twins concept not only through pictures, but through their performance as well. Please look forward to a much mature Hello Venus.”

The title track for the third album is “Do You Want Some Tea” and the production team behind Orange Caramel’s “Lipstick” and Ailee’s Heaven” is also working on this song. The title track will be a cheerful tune perfect for spring and has included a sampling of the classic Pachelbel’s Canon.