Secret’s Hyosung Reveals Her Successful Diet Regime

Recently, Secret’s Hyosung revealed a diet plan that allowed her to lose 5kg (11 pounds).

On KBS’s “Vitamin,” which was aired on April 17, Hyosung stated, “I am currently going back and forth between the one-meal-per-day and five-meals-per-day diet plans.”

She continued, “Before one-meal-per-day diet became popular, I was already on this program starting last year. I love to eat, so I started to have one big meal per day, and after one year I lost 5kg.”

Hyosung also added, “Right now, I do the one meal diet when I want to eat a lot, and five meals diet to maintain my weight.”

Fans that heard this news commented, “I think it would be hard to fit five meals a day,” “So this diet really works?” “I am going to try this regimen.”