Rapper Double K Releases MVs for “Hot Pants” and “Rap Movement” from Upcoming Mini Album

Hip hop rapper Double K released music videos for two songs from his upcoming mini album through the official CJ E&M Youtube Channel. 

It has been three years since the rapper released an album and after winning the hip hop audition program “Show Me the Money” in 2012, he will be making his official comeback. Last week he released the music video “Rap Movement“, a song that satirizes the music industry and politics. Eun Ji Won, Dok2, and some other familiar faces made cameos in the music video.

Hot Pants” went in a different direction. The music video was shot at a popular club in Busan and just watching the music video can tell you easily what the song the is about (if the title did not give it away).

The mini album will be released on May 3.