2AM’s Seulong’s Nickname Is “Kim Hye Soo of the Idols”

On the recent episode of KBS’s variety program “Happy Together 3,” which was aired on April 18, 2AM’s Seulong revealed why his nickname is “Kim Hye Soo of the Idols.”

Seulong started the conversation by stating that due to his unusually large pecs, MC Park Mi Sun calls him “Ong-Seum.” The term “Seum,” which is a slang word, refers to breast or chest.

Seulong explained that when his shirtless photos were released, netizens were impressed with his well-developed chest muscles and nicknamed him the “Kim Hye Soo of Idols.” Actress Kim Hye Soo is well known for her voluptuous body.

Seulong also added that one netizen called his pecs, “Not A cup, B cup, or C cup, but World cup.”

Meanwhile, Seulong and other casts of drama “Heaven’s Order” appeared in this episode.