History Unveils Talented Last Member

The last of anything is usually bittersweet and this teaser is no exception.

On April 19, Loen Entertainment introduces the fifth and last member from boy group History through the latest teaser. Continuing on the “Real Dating Tip Book” series, member Na Do Kyun’s theme is “Consideration.”

The agency stated, “History’s last member Na Do Kyun used to be the main vocalist for Buzz.”

Buzz is a rock ballad band that enjoyed much success in the mid-2000’s. Na Do Kyun promoted with the group after popular Min Kyung Hoon stepped down as the lead vocalist. With this news, the interest in the group rose significantly.

Loen Entertainment stated, “Thank you for the interest in History’s debut teasers. The members are currently hard at work preparing for their debut. Please support them.”

Check out his teaser below! And if you missed out, here’s teasers for Kim Shi Young, Jang Yi Jeong, Song Kyung Il, Kim Jae Ho.