[Gallery] Kara’s Recent Twitter Spam Enjoying Macau

In the past 24 hours, Kara members uploaded many photos from their recent trip to Macau. Unfortunately, Han Seung Yeon wasn’t able to be with them, but they made sure to include her in their fun g.n.o (girls night out).

Flip through the gallery to see the girls being cute, sexy and just having fun!

Nicole: In Macau ^^ looks familiar right ??

 Nicole: Yoohoo~~~

 Nicole: Muah*

Nicole: Bo-bo-bo-bonus!! It’s a shame that I can’t show you more. (;

Jiyoung retweets: ㅡ3ㅡ

Gyuri: This was the stage makeup worn just before. Fascinated fascinated

Gyuri: Last photo before I erase my makeup…. bye ㅜㅜ

Hara: After finishing ~~ Waiting…

Hara: Yo, with feeling


(She didn’t leave a comment)

Jiyoung retweets: Excited Nicole, excited Jiyoung, excited Hara-Goo

Hara: ^~^ Good night. Today’s photo spree *-*

 Jiyoung: !/:(‘-:~,@.!;*/*(@(!)!(‘~’~’^:^@^@/@/!/!~?~?~?~:(:(,::~:~?^?

(Do you know what she’s talking about?)

Jiyoung: Seungyun unni. We’re having fun. Woohoo. in Macau!

Gyuri retweets: Unni’s concept keke

Jiyoung: @kara200703:  @gyuri88 @fateflysy @_911007 @_sweethara @kkangjii

(Jiyoung mentions their fansite and the members’ Twitter accounts. Jiyoung cropped Seungyeon’s picture from her recent tweet, which you’ll see later in the gallery.)

Nicole retweets: Loving it ( ;

Jiyoung: Gonna sleep now

Jiyoung: On the way to a farm! It’s spring!! But… slightly chilly? He. Yellowish yellowish~ Bluish bluish~ Feeling good~

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